Johnathan Gunter

Welcome to Band!


I have been teaching music since 2007 and I graduated from Lee University. I am currently conducting the Gaston Symphonic Band and am a music of minister. I have a lovely wife named Melissa and two exceptional step-daughters, Alinna and Valentina, and two wonderful son-in-laws, Daniel and Kyle. We have six beautiful and fun grandchildren; Ruby, Zachary, Sadie, Penny, Silas, and Jones, who love to make me smile.

Philosophy of music:

Music is a gift and should be practiced, perfected, and shared.

Band rules:

  1. Concerts are mandatory.
  2. Daily practice is required.
  3. Students must take their instrument home daily.
  4. Respect: the classroom and its contents, other’s opinions and physical space, and the hard work and performance of fellow musicians regardless of their ability or age.

 The ABC’s Of Concert Etiquette

o A ­ Always remain quiet during a performance.

o B – Be attentive and give the performers your attention.

o C – Be Considerate of others. o D – Do not leave early, please.

o E – Exit in an organized fashion.

o F – Expect a Fantastic performance; the kids have worked very hard.

o G – Give appropriate applause.

o H – Have a great time, but be a considerate member of the audience.

o I – Invite your relatives to come see an outstanding concert.

o J – EnJoy the concert but always treat it as a formal event.

o K – Keep your children that are not performing, with you during the concert.

o L – Leave your cell phone/beepers turned off during the performance, please.

Favorite Quote:

Playing music is hard, but I can do hard things.

Favorite performance: