Awards and Recognition

Class of 2024 - Senior Spotlight

We are proud to announce that Lyric Brown will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this fall. Not only does she prioritize academics, but she has excelled across the board in athletics, teamwork, and leadership during her time at Piedmont. Ranking among the top of the Class of 2024, Lyric has led the Patriots as a PCCS high school athlete and is a shining representation of Piedmont’s core values. 

As the captain of the basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams, Lyric’s athletic dedication contributed to winning seasons for Piedmont sports. She was recognized as the Metro 8 girls’ basketball conference Player of the Year after helping to lead an undefeated conference season her senior year. And she was awarded Piedmont’s Athlete of the Year at the 2024 High School Sports Banquet.

Off the court, Lyric has made outstanding academic achievements. She served as a Piedmont Ambassador, a mentoring role where she’s able to lead by example and guide incoming students. While at Piedmont, she graduated from Gaston College with her Associate in Science degree through the College Now program. The credits she earned will transfer to UNC Chapel Hill, giving her an advantage on her undergraduate path where she intends to study Exercise and Sports Science. Lyric’s goal is to become a physical therapist where she can help athletes strengthen their abilities and achieve their dreams.

Lyric Brown is an exemplary student who sets high expectations and pursues them with admirable dedication. Valuing integrity and personal responsibility, Lyric is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.

Shepherd Robertson will attend North Carolina State University this fall in the College of Engineering. Admission to this program is very competitive and Shepherd aspires to major in Construction Engineering, crediting his father who inspired him to follow in his career footsteps. Shepherd stands out among the class of 2024 as a sharp and driven student ready to excel in his next challenge.

A Piedmont Patriot since kindergarten, Shepherd represents this senior class showcasing his school spirit. He could be seen rousing the crowd in Juniors vs. Seniors Powder Puff and serving on the Homecoming Court. He was selected as a Piedmont Ambassador, a prestigious leadership role exemplifying our school’s core values of academics, character, and community. Shepherd also served as a Junior Marshal – an earned position for juniors with the top GPAs – in last year’s graduation ceremony. 

Shepherd is such an enthusiastic student,” recalls high school history teacher Mr. Richards. “He is tenacious in his quest to learn and understand material on a level that is above the standard student.” Shepherd advises rising high school students to “enjoy these four years but also keep your work ethic straight because it will matter down the road.” He has thrived during his time at Piedmont, growing in his academics and purpose as a Patriot. Soon to leave the halls of PCCS equipped to become an effective and productive citizen, Shepherd is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.

Miyanna Godlock will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this fall and intends to study Neuroscience. Her high school achievements have been impressive, placing her among the top students of the Class of 2024. Demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence, leadership, and service, Miyanna shines as a wonderful example of Piedmont’s core values. 

In and out of the classroom, Miyanna has been involved in a variety of school activities. She explored her creative side in the ensemble of Piedmont’s production of The Little Mermaid. Last summer, she was selected for a coveted spot at the North Carolina Governor’s School with a concentration in Social Science. English teacher Mrs. Goodson recalls Miyanna’s inquisitive nature: “She is a student with an authentic interest in learning. She would always ask the questions many were thinking in AP Literature, and was a key contributor in discussion and seminar.”

Looking ahead, Miyanna sets her sights on the field of neuroscience and aspires to become a pediatric neuropsychologist. Her fascination with the complexities of the brain have inspired her to seek a positive impact on the lives of children. Miyanna’s drive and high expectations she sets for herself have contributed to her success. “Walk the hallways like you have somewhere to be and put effort into your classes,” she advises rising high school students. 

It is with great pride that we recognize Miyanna Godlock. Intellectually curious and academically prepared for her future endeavors at UNC Chapel Hill, Miyanna is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.

You may recognize this senior from her performance as Ariel in Piedmont’s production of The Little Mermaid this spring. But on land, Lillie O’Neill is a wonderfully bright, accomplished student who has flourished both academically and creatively as a PCCS Patriot, and is ready to graduate among the top of our Class of 2024.

Lillie will attend Appalachian State University this fall and plans to study biology and music. Her passion for both fields is demonstrated by her well-rounded high school accomplishments. As a member of the Cancer Services of Gaston County Youth Advisory Council, Lillie dedicated her time to promoting health and wellness and inspiring positive change in our community. Academically, she has been consistently recognized on the A Honor Roll and is a member of National Honor Society. 

On stage, Lillie has represented the Piedmont Dance Team, Chorus, and Theatre Arts program. “Lillie’s remarkable talent and creativity shine brightly in all her endeavors showcasing her unique ability to inspire and impress,” praises High School Assistant Director, Mr. Ballard. Gifted with a lovely singing voice that evokes joy, Lillie seeks to keep music in her life beyond high school. “Music has been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember and has made me the person I am today,” she says. 

We are proud to spotlight Lillie O’Neill, an outstanding class of 2024 Patriot. She is sure to shine on her path ahead! Thoughtful and goal-oriented, she is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.

After graduating Piedmont among the top of the class of 2024, Abby Montreuil will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this fall. She intends to dual major in Communication Studies and Environmental Science and utilize her passion for both to pursue a career in consulting or marketing. 

Abby credits so many of her Piedmont teachers for inspiring her along the way. She fondly remembers Mrs. Gray’s Spanish class as engaging and fun, prompting her to consider a college minor in Spanish. “Abby has been an absolute joy to work with and watch blossom as a student,” praises Mrs. Gray. “Her dedication to her studies, and her jubilant personality are traits that I will miss seeing in the halls and classroom.” 

As a well-rounded Patriot, Abby has been recognized academically, and through her extracurricular pursuits. She won an Excellence in Stage Management award at the regional North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC), student choreography awards for Piedmont at various dance competitions, and a Merit Award in Gaston County’s High School Senior Art Show. Abby also earned Academic Excellence in Biology and is consistently awarded the Patriot Pride Honor Roll. 

We celebrate Abby Montreuil, an outstanding class of 2024 Patriot as she concludes her academic journey at PCCS and forges her path ahead. Possessing the traits of creativity and ingenuity, she is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.

 Piedmont Community Charter School is recognized as one of the “Best High Schools” by U.S. News & World Report.

What does that mean? U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best High Schools badges are awarded to those whose attendees demonstrated outstanding outcomes above expectations in math and reading state assessments, passed a diverse array of college-level exams and graduated in high proportions.