Courtney Alexander



I am excited to be at Piedmont Community Charter High School this year!  This will be my 15th year in Career & Technical Education in Gaston County and I am looking forward to teaching Business Management and Sports & Entertainment Marketing. 

Email is the very best (and fastest) way to communicate with me, but you are also welcome to call me at school. My planning time this year is 11:05-1:00, so that would be the best time to call if you need to speak to me.  My email address is [email protected].

Below, you will find course descriptions for classes I am teaching this year.  Student’s may refer to their Google Classroom (they will join for the course they are taking) for the full syllabus and classroom guidelines.

Business Management I

Prerequisite:  Principles of Business

This course is designed to introduce students to core management concepts.  The experience includes how managers plan, organize, staff, and direct the business’s resources that enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making process. Also the experience includes students working through ethical dilemmas and problem-solving situations with customer service while academic and critical-thinking skills. 


Business Management II 

Prerequisite:  Business Management I

This course is designed to enable students to acquire, understand, and appreciate the significance of management to business organizations.  Understanding how managers control financial resources, inventory, ensure employee safety, and protect customer data enhances the effectiveness of their decision making.  Students will work through ethical dilemmas, practice problem solving, and enhance their teamwork skills. English language arts and mathematics are reinforced.


Sports & Entertainment Marketing I 

This course is designed for students interested in sports, entertainment and event marketing. Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry:  branding, licensing, and naming rights; business funding; concessions and on-site merchandising; economic foundations; promotion; safety and security, and human relations.


Sports & Entertainment Marketing II

Prerequisite:  Sports Marketing I

This course is designed for students interested in advanced sports, entertainment and event marketing.  Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry:  Business management, career development options, client relations, ethics, events management, facilities management, legal issues/contracts, promotion and sponsorship.


Recommended Supplies:

*Notebook paper (we are MOSTLY paperless, but  journals and a few other things will be done on notebook paper and turned in daily)

*Writing Utensil 

*Folder pocket with brads that can be kept in the classroom for the few things that will be printed and given out so they can be easily referred to throughout the semester and again for the final (tests, quizzes, etc).  

Grading Policy – Grades in CTE courses at PCCS are weighted as follows:

Tests/Projects = 45%

Quizzes = 20%

Classwork = 20%

Homework/Daily = 15%

Important EOC information:


These courses DO have a state mandated End of Course test.  It consists of 100 multiple choice questions and is taken on campus during exam week.  Students cannot be exempt from the EOC and it counts 20% of their final course grade.