Anna Lowery

Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!  This school year has already started out to be full of new challenges for every one.  I’m positive that with hard work and some studying, we will all do great!  The 8th grade teachers hold high expectations, so following the procedures will make for a great year!!

Course Policies:

 1.  Follow directions of the adults in the building

      2.  Be on time and prepare with materials

      3.  Raise your hand and wait to be called upon

      4.  Be respectful of others and their belongings.


Grades will be based on the total point system.  The nine-week grade for Social Studies in 8th grade will be determined using the following percentages:  40% – major test and projects, 30% – quizzes, independent work, 20% – class work, group work and teacher facilitated activities, 10% – homework.  We will use the 10 point Grading Scale (A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70 -79, D=60-69, F=59 and below)