Amber Morris


Hello! My name is Amber Morris and I am your school social worker. This is my 6th year working at PCCS. I wanted to introduce myself in case you’re not familiar with my role or services.

School social workers are mental health professionals with a degree in Social Work. My job is to help students do well in school by addressing their social and emotional needs. Services at the school can be provided to students by school social workers.


  • School-wide positive behavioral support strategies (Character Education, Bullying Prevention, Safe School Ambassador Program, etc.)
  • Short-term individual and group counseling (coping skills, social skills, problem-solving, emotional literacy, etc.)
  • Help accessing community resources (food, housing, counseling services)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Provide support to teachers regarding classroom management
  • Assist with attendance issues
  • Conflict mediation/Restorative Practices

Who Receives Services?

As a school social worker, I work with the entire K-12 student body in promoting social-emotional well-being. Some services require a referral and a consent form signed by parents, including any pull-out counseling services. Some services are available to all students and do not require a consent form, such as classroom presentations on Character Education, conflict mediation, classroom management strategies, and open lunch or free-time play.

Contact Information:

Phone: 704-659-4808 

Email: [email protected]

Office Location:

Monday: Middle School 

Tuesday: Middle School 

Wednesday: Elementary School 

Thursday: High School 

Friday: Elementary School 

Availability: 7:30am-3:30pm