Virginia Wooten



All students have previously been enrolled in my Canvas classroom.

Canvas is the same type of system as Google Classroom, but with more tools and organization. Here you will find the majority of our assignments. I will begin starting Monday, posting an announcement daily describing what we are doing in class that day. This will help students who were absent catch up. I also will link most of the activities so that they can access them from home.

Username: your student email.
Password: You were allowed to set.

I cannot reset passwords, you must click “Forgot password”

Please email me if you have any questions. I will be emailing any announcements.

Also make sure you are on Remind:

Text “81010”

1st Period: @Wooten1st

2nd period: @Wooten2nd

3rd period: @Wooten3rd

4th period: @Wooten4th

This is a private text messaging system where I do not have student’s phone numbers and they do not have mine. I send reminders for big due dates (tests, projects, quizzes) and in the beginning, I have been reminding students about their nightly HW.

Canvas for Parents: (Directions to activate your account and access the class)