Tiffany Jattan

Welcome to Mrs. Jattan’s 5th Grade Math class! It is going to be an EPIC year full of fun and learning!

My Teaching Philosophy:

To me, learning is about the experiences that we bring to the classroom. Students are more likely to remember what they have learned when they are excited about the content. It is my mission to help students  grow by incorporating those experiences into each lesson, each and every day. 

About Me: 

I have been in the classroom since 2017 after receiving my Master’s in Teaching from UNC Charlotte. I also have a degree in Social Work and prior to teaching, worked as a Permanency Planning Social Worker with Child Protective Services for over 10 years. 

I have a wonderful husband of over 18 years and 2 children who also attend PCCS. In my spare time, I love to travel both within the US and abroad and enjoy visiting places that have a rich history. 

Classroom Expectations 

    1. Enter quietly and get to work immediately.
    2. Try your best on all assignments, including homework.
    3. Maintain your notebooks in an orderly fashion. 
    4. Bring paper, pencil, science notebook, colored pencils, and glue stick to class each day.
    5. Laptops should be charged at home.
    6. Cell phones must remain off and in the locker while at school. Refer to the cell phone policy in the student handbook.
    7.  Use the restroom during assigned times. Please do not ask to go during class time, unless there is an emergency. You must present your hall pass if you visit the restroom during class time.
    8. Remain on the computer sites that have been given as part of the instructions.
    9. No candy, food, or drink (only water) is allowed in my classroom at any time except for your lunch period.
    10. Follow all classroom and school rules and procedures.
    11. Follow the PCCS dress code policy.
    12. Sign up with Remind for text messages and Google Classroom for information and assignments. 

Grading Policy

All assignments need to turned on the due date in order to receive full credit. Assignments turned in late will receive a 10 point reduction per day that it is late. 

Grading in each subject is weighted as follows: 

Math: Tests-50%, Quizzes-30%, Assignments-20%

Communication: If for ANY reason, you need to get in contact with me, you may contact me at 704-349-4640, Ext. 4691 or email me at [email protected]