Sierra Cheatham

Welcome to Sixth Grade Math!

About Me:
Hello! My name is Sierra Cheatham. This is my first year at PCCS and my sixth year teaching! I am a HUGE Kentucky basketball fan and have coached basketball for five years. I have three dogs: Harley, Bandit, and Khaleesi. I also have two horses: Nacho & Jasper! I have a bachelors in elementary education from Appalachian State University and an add-on for 6-9th grade math.

-Please email me at [email protected]
-Remind (for all my math students): text “PCCS6math” to 81010

Google Classroom

-I will add all my students to my google classroom!

Math Grading Policy

  • Tests counts 40% 

Tests will be announced at least 2 days in advance. The best way to prepare for tests is by studying the material in your math notebook and by listening in class. 

  • Quizzes counts 25% 

Quizzes will be announced at least 1 day in advance. Quizzes cover less material and are shorter in length than tests.

  • Classwork counts 25% 

Each day, students are to complete daily assignments, record notes in their interactive notebook, practice any concepts learned, or complete other math assignments. Any unfinished classwork is to be completed for homework.

  • Homework counts 10%

Homework may be given periodically. It is expected that if a child does not finish their work in class it is to be finished at home.

Classroom Expectations 

  1. Enter quietly and get to work immediately.
  2. Try your best on all assignments.
  3. Maintain your MATH spiral notebook, which should only ever contain math.
  4. Bring paper, pencil, math notebook, colored pencils, charged computer, and glue stick to class each day.
  5. Laptops should be charged at home.
  6. Cell phones must remain off and in the locker while at school. Refer to the cell phone policy in the student handbook.
  7. Use the restroom during assigned times. Please do not ask to go during class time, unless there is an emergency. You must present your hall pass if you visit the restroom during class time.
  8. Remain on the computer sites that have been given as part of the instructions.
  9. No candy, food, or drink (only water) is allowed in my classroom at any time except for your lunch period.
  10. Follow all classroom and school rules and procedures.
  11. Follow the PCCS dress code policy.
  12. Sign up with Remind for text messages and Google Classroom for information and assignments.