Sharon Dillard

Welcome! I am Sharon Dillard RN/BSN and certified teacher. I have been a nurse since 1983 and have functioned in many roles. I have taught for about 9 years in 2009-2018 in the high school setting and am excited to have the opportunity again to pour into our students at PCCS.  This is my second year at PCCS. I hope some of them already have an interest in healthcare or develop an interest, and maybe go on the do great things in some health field.


Syllabi for 2021-22

Foundations of Health Science. This is an entry level course designed to expose students to the world of health care, health careers, history of medicine and legal perspectives. This is a fun and engaging class.

Health Science I. This is a course designed for students students who may have an interest in a health care career by learning about body systems, structures/functions and diseases of those systems and using the medical terminology we have learned.

Health Science ll: This course is developed to help students expand their understanding of the healthcare industry; including: employability skills, safety and infection control procedures, and clinical skills used by allied health professionals. In addition, students will demonstrate their understanding of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by applying BLS CPR skills. Projects, teamwork, and demonstrations serve as instructional strategies to reinforce the curriculum content. English language arts and science are reinforced in this course. Science II. 

Grading Criteria- 45% Tests, 20% Quizzes, 20% classwork and 15% homework.

Please refer to the PCCS Student Handbook for expected behavior, missed work, tardies, dress code and cell phones/electronic devices. 

Supplies needed-2″  3 ring binder, index cards and bring your laptop charged and ready to use each day. 

Google Classroom- You will find what your student did on a daily basis in class. 

Absent- If you are not able to be present in class, you will find your lesson on the google classroom and a Loom video covering the material for the class. 

Contact-Feel free to contact me at [email protected]