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Welcome to English II and English II Honors!!


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I am so excited to have you join our class this semester! I look forward to exploring the world of literature through the eyes of authors in various countries.  Through research, we will discover the cultural differences and similarities to our own lives. I am here to make this experience rewarding in many ways. If at anytime you need assistance with anything, please feel free to contact me!  It is easier to reach me by email. I will return your email as soon as possible. 

NC English II Standard Course of Study

The following is a link to the North Carolina ELA standards and objectives for English II. Please read the standards for English II with your student. 


English II Course Description and Overview- World Literature  

English II explores various literary genres through short stories, drama, essays, poetry, novels, and nonfiction.  English II combines literature selections by world authors with creative and analytical writing, along with grammar, vocabulary, and usage.  In writing, students learn to express their ideas through short writing pieces and longer cohesive essays as the year progresses in order to gain a gradual knowledge of clear, focused essay writing skills.  The writing will focus on narration, argumentation, and literary analysis. 

Units of Study- English II Honors

English II will focus on world literature.  Each unit will include literary analysis, writing practice, and conventions.  Below is an overview of the planned units we will cover throughout the semester.  Each unit will look at the culture, authors, and literature of each region with a specific literary and writing focus with a higher level of rigor. While there is a literary focus, each unit will include short stories, poetry, and nonfiction. Research will be included in each unit as well as nonfiction. Please see required software and links under classroom resources in Google Classroom.  Dates for assignments and assessments will be posted weekly and updated as necessary.  

  • North and South America
    • Literary focus: Short Stories and Poetry
    • Writing focus:  Narrative writing
    • Vocabulary focus: Elements of fiction and literary devices
  • Asia
    • Literary focus: Nonfiction (memoir, biography, autobiography) I Am Malala
    • Writing focus: Expository writing
    • Vocabulary focus: Tone and mood words/ nonfiction terms
  • Europe
    • Literary focus: Nonfiction (persuasion and argumentation)  Night
    • Writing focus: Writing arguments
    • Vocabulary focus: Propaganda and persuasion terms
    • Drama and/or epic poetry included in this unit  
  • Africa
    • Literary focus: Short Stories and Poetry (Drama)
    • Writing focus:  Research Project and Presentation 
    • Vocabulary focus:  Theme terms and MLA 

*A fictional novel will be assigned to be completed as independent reading. 

*Rubrics and guidelines will be given for all writing and project assignments at the time they are assigned. 


9 weeks class grades will be based on the following percentages: 

Major Assessments – tests, formal writing, projects 55%    

(Skills Assessment Test, Formal Writing, Projects, Unit Tests, Short Answer/Essay Tests, Research Project/Presentation, Vocabulary Tests)

Minor Assessments- quizzes, classwork, homework 45%

(Classwork, Quizzes, Vocabulary Homework, Homework, Independent  Reading Quizzes, Choice Board activities, Collaboration Assignments)                                

English II  EOC  Exam  

All students enrolled in English II will take the state EOC exam at the end of the course.  Please look for more information on this in the coming months. 

25% of final overall course grade

Google Classroom

We will use Google Classroom on a daily basis.  It will be the central location to find assignments, projects and papers. 


  • Binder 
  • loose leaf paper
  • pens and pencils
  • charged computer