Renee Painter

Welcome to High School Chorus!

The primary purpose of chorus is to develop a love for choral music. We will accomplish this through warm-ups of the body, mind and voice, breathing exercises, listening to choral music, learning choral music, and by participating in festivals and choral events as they are offered.



  • Students should always come prepared with a good attitude! This is a participation and performance class. Students are expected to participate and perform with jubilance!
  • Be on time. Bathroom breaks should be taken during class changes.
  • Phones, air pods, Apple watches, and any other electronic devices must be placed in your assigned pocket.
  • No food, drinks (except water), or gum is allowed in class.
  • Take care of your music and folders. No writing on folders and only pencil in music.
  • Chorus students are encouraged to participate in shows and/or musicals the school performs. This is not mandatory.


  • Most grades will be participation, so make sure you are always doing your best.
  • You will have some written assignments. Make sure they are turned in on time.
  • Dress rehearsals will be counted as test grades.
  • Concerts will be counted as your exam.


  • Each in person student will be assigned a music folder and music to use during class. There is no cost for this. However, students will be asked to pay for folders/music that are damaged or lost. Cost of the folders are $10 each and music is usually around $2.25/copy depending on the piece.
  • Each student is required to provide a pencil. You may not use pen or highlighters in music.
  • Students will be given an opportunity to purchase a Fine Arts t-shirt and/or hoodie. More information later.

Concert Attire:

  • Girls will need to purchase chorus dresses. More information will be given later.
  • Boys will need to purchase a tuxedo. More information will be given later.