Lora East



Welcome to 7th grade math! I am Lora Beth East. I have five daughters who have five completely opposite personalities, two large dogs, a bunch of fish, and a turtle.  I love to travel and to be with my family even when they are driving me more insane than I already am!

This is my first year teaching at PCCS. I look forward to learning about each of you and helping to guide you through your 7th grade year! My class rules are fairly straightforward and simple, however the main ones that cover everything else is 1) it is ok to make many mistakes and 2) NEVER GIVE UP!

Contact Information

[email protected]


Piedmont Community Charter School – 7th Grade Math 2022-2023

Mrs. East – Room 141

Welcome to 7th Grade Math!  I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you this year, and hopefully change some thought processes about MATH!  This year we will cover 7 main units:

UNIT 1: ProportionalRelationships 

UNIT 5: Equations and Inequalities

UNIT 2: Rational Numbers

UNIT 6: Geometry and Measurement

UNIT 3: Probability

UNIT 7: Populations and Statistics

UNIT 4: Expressions

UNIT 8: Review and Remediation

Class Rules:

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Follow Instructions
  3. Tell the Truth
  4. Help Others


  • 1” Binder 
  • Loose leaf paper 
  • Pencil
  • Erasers
  • Scissors

Wish List:


Missed Class

When you are absent from class (for any reason) it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.  Daily assignments can be found on your Math Google Classroom page. You have one day for each day absent to complete missing work. Please keep me informed of extenuating circumstances so we can work out a plan to keep you from falling behind. 

Late work and/or incomplete assignments

All homework/assignments should be completed on the assigned due date. Late work and incomplete assignments will be graded and given a deserving grade. Please make sure to keep me informed as early as possible if you have extenuating circumstances. Assignments cannot be turned in for credit once a grading quarter has ended.


Overall grades will be weighted into five categories:

  • Test – 40%
  • Classwork – 30% 
  • Homework – 30%

Tests: We will take tests individually on one day and then collaboratively the next day. I will use both grades in the grade book. So for each test you will have two separate grades. 

Classwork: Classwork (Individual,Group, Whole-Class) will occur on a daily basis and students will be required to complete each task.  

Homework: Homework will consist of 4 iReady lessons per week. Two of the lessons will be assigned, and the other two lessons will be student choice. They will have to pass each of the iReady lessons with an 80% in order to receive credit. 


100% – 90% = (A)  

89% – 80% = (B)  

79% – 70% = (C)  

69% – 60% = (D)  

59% and below = (F)

I am always very accessible and welcome communication. My preferred form of communication is email. If you are struggling, have a problem, concern, thought, or suggestion PLEASE let me know. I can’t help if I don’t know about something! My highest expectation is that every student will give 100% effort at all times. If the students already knew everything then they wouldn’t need to be here, so I expect mistakes. The only way to truly learn math is to be wrong first! Let’s make your 7th grade year the absolute best it can be!