Kristi Caldwell

Welcome to 5th grade 🙂

  • Sign up for 5th grade Remind group ~
  • What to have on Wednesday 8/17: 
  • Pencil pouch/case set up according to the supply list below.

  • $5.00 for Locker Fee (please label envelope or baggie with student name and homeroom teacher)

Attendance is vital ! Our funding is based on the first 20 days of school. Please schedule appointments after school hours. 

  • ISS (in school suspension)
  • ASD (after school detention)


  • Subject weights:
  • ELA ~ Reading skill 50%, Vocabulary 20%, Classwork/Homework 15%, Spelling/Grammar 15%
  • Social Studies ~ Tests/Projects 60%, Classwork 40%. All tests are open book, no study guides.
  • Math ~ Tests 50%, Quizzes 30%, Classwork/Homework 20%
  • Science ~ Tests 50%, Quizzes 30%, Classwork/Labs 20%


  • Assignment Procedure (due dates, late work, etc.)


  • No re-tests. Students are encouraged to do their best everyday/every time!


  • Homework will be listed on our google classroom each week. Students will have  homework every night, including Friday’s. Students should have their “Your Turn” workbook with them each night for ELA. Students will have weekly i-Ready goals in ELA & Math to meet. They are expected to study for quizzes/tests, including interactive notebook materials and notes.