Kate Krebs


Welcome to eighth grade Social Studies!

About Me!

I’ve been teaching since 2016, and joined Piedmont Community Charter in 2022! I graduated from Erskine College with degrees in History and Social Studies and a minor in Secondary Education, and I am currently working on my Master’s through Appalachian State! While at Erskine I met my college sweetheart: Mr. Krebs! Together we have two wonderful children and two lovable (but somewhat misbehaved) fur babies. I moved to Gastonia in 2020 and I absolutely love my new hometown. In my spare time I enjoy playing incredibly complicated board games, painting, and spending time outside with my family. I love chocolate, true crime podcasts/documentaries/books, and…pigs! I can’t wait to explore  history with you this year!

Syllabus Information

Contact Information
Mrs. Krebs
[email protected]
School Supplies
Required Materials:
  • Agenda
  • 1” Binder
  • Lined Paper
  • 10 Dividers
  • 3 Prong Folder with Pockets
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Twistables/Colored Pencils/Crayons
  • Computer and Charger
  • Wired headphones
Suggested Materials:
  • Personal Hand Sanitizer
  • 3×5 Notecards
  • Highlighters
Grading Scale
A: 90-100
B: 80-89
C: 70-79
D: 60-69
F: 0-59.99
65% Major Grades
35% Minor Grades
Google Classroom
Each class period has it’s own unique Google Classroom Class Code. A parent/guardian invite will be sent out upon request once the student is in the class.
Grade Level Expectations
  • Students are on time and ready to work.  
    • Students transition quickly between classes.  They get daily materials together and keep talking to a minimum, waiting for class to begin. 
  • Students work hard. 
    • Students will try their best on every assignment, activity, quiz, and test.  Every day is an opportunity to learn, and students are expected to take advantage of that. 
  • Students are in class. 
    • Students will keep restroom breaks and other trips into the building to a minimum, when possible handling those items between classes. Students will sit in their assigned seat. 
  • Students behave safely. 
    • Students adhere to the student code of conduct.
  • Students are dressed appropriately.
    • Students will follow the dress code in its entirety. 
  • Students will behave kindly. 
    • Bullying or mean spirited behavior will not be tolerated.  This includes physical bullying, verbal bullying, or cyber bullying. 
  • Students will not have food or drinks. 
    • Students will not have food or drinks outside of a designated lunch time or at the discretion of the classroom teacher. 
  • Students will use school technology appropriately. 
    • School computers are for school work only.  Students are monitored while they use computers. 
Late Assignments
  • I expect all assignments turned in on their due date
  • Late assignments will automatically be deducted ten points each day they are late. This is equivalent to one letter grade.
  • After three days, late assignments will no longer be accepted.
Communication Expectations
  • In all correspondence I expect you to exhibit professionalism and respect. I expect you to advocate for yourself and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • You are expected to communicate with your peers in a respectful manner. There are times when sensitive topics may arise in our classroom. You are expected to enter the room with an open mind, and communicate your opinion calmly. 
  • I will do my best to respond to all emails within 24 hours. My working hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. 
  • If you need additional assistance, I am available by appointment. Please provide at least 24 hours notice so I can plan accordingly. To request an appointment with me, please send me an email with the times you are available and in what areas you need assistance.
Absence Responsibilities 
If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to come to me about absent work. I expect you to complete any assignments completed while you were out. 
Absent Procedures
  1. Check Google Classroom to see if I posted the work you missed. If so, please complete the assignment according to the instructions.
  2. Before or after class, come see me to collect the work you missed. At the top of your assignment, I will write when you need to return it.
  3. Any assessments or presentations that you missed will be made up the day you return.
  4. Exceptions will be discussed on an individual basis.
Test Corrections
Test corrections are intended to show students where misconceptions arose and allow them to learn the correct answer. In the event that test corrections are assigned, students will earn a completion homework grade (100 if you complete it, 0 if missing).  In order to receive credit, students must write the complete question AND answer. 
Procedures for Maintaining Records:
  • Parents and students will be able to view grades online, using the parent-student portal
  • Student grades will be recorded by hand in the teacher’s grade book as an additional record
  • Report cards and progress reports will provide parents and students the ability to monitor progress throughout the semester and year
I reserve the right to change classroom policies based on classroom need, administration’s suggestions, or personal observations. Changes will be communicated to students and parents prior to going into effect.