Karan Barber

Welcome to Earth Environmental Science and Earth Environmental Science Honors.


Contact information:

704-659-4808,ext. 2102

Hello, I am Mrs. Karan Barber, a proud science geek and life long learner. With a great love of the outdoors and my vacation time is spent hiking and investigating any natural area. As a proud US Navy veteran, certified Southern Appalachian Naturalist and North Carolina Environmental Educator my adventure continues. As your student will quickly discover I love technology, games and humor.

My certification includes all secondary sciences (grades 6th – 12th). My education includes; Associates Degree in Biology from Central Piedmont Community College 2011, a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in Elementary Education from Queens University of Charlotte in 2013, and 18 graduate hours toward a Masters of Arts in Teaching Biology from Miami University of Ohio Global Field Studies Programs. 

After spending a few years leading science summer camps for Carolina Raptor Center and writing/leading a Girls STEM camp held at Queens University of Charlotte. My love of teaching was revealed.


Welcome to Earth/Environmental Science with Mrs. Barber. Prepare your inquiring minds to delve into the fascinating earth and our environment. With perseverance and effort you are going to exceed your goals and expectations. Please NOTE No FRAGRANCES in Classroom due to a SEVERE allergy.


This course focuses on the function of the earth’s systems. Emphasis is placed on earth in the universe; global climate; structure and processes that occur in the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere; human impact on the biosphere, and sustainability. This course or the honors level course are required by the state for graduation. The Honors* course covers the earth/environment curriculum in greater depth.  These courses are designed and implemented in accordance with the standard course of study by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) for high school Earth/Environmental Science as outlined in the following link: https://files.nc.gov/dpi/documents/curriculum/science/scos/support-tools/new-standards/science/earth-env.pdf

Course Goals

  1. For every student to achieve success in this course, both academically and intellectually.
  2. To prepare students for further study of earth science in college and for use of their knowledge in their daily lives.
  3. To encourage the spirit of scientific inquiry and empirical learning in each student.


  • A three- ring binder 1 ½” – 2” inches
  • notebook paper
  • Set of Colored Pencils
  • Pencils or blue/black pens
  • Notecards 3”x 5” (50)
  • Corded Computer Headphones 

Google Classroom

All assignments will be posted with due dates in our Google Classroom.