Elizabeth Henderson

Welcome to Chorus! 

In Chorus class, the main objective is to have fun singing, while learning some basic music skills!  In this class, students will:

  • Sing in unison (one part) as well as in harmony (two or more parts)
  • Learn music in varying styles, genres, language, and difficulty level.
  • Learn the basics of music-reading.
  • Engage in active listening activities and critique of choral video performances. 
  • Prepare for concerts at least twice during the year. 


Students will be given grades based on:

  • Effort/participation (Including being prepared for class): 40%
  • Written quizzes/tests and singing tests: 30%
  • Concert attendance/participation: 20%
  • Listening Activities: 10% 
*** Please note that attendance to dress rehearsals and performances is required, and students will receive a grade based on their attendance and participation, including following proper dress code (TBA). 


Students need to have a pencil/eraser and pen available every class, a spiral notebook dedicated to Chorus class, and  their Chromebooks. I will provide a music folder for each student, which will remain in the choral classroom. 

Following are the Expectations that I have outlined for students. (The weekly participation grade depends on the following):

Be Respectful:

  • Follow instructions the first time they are given
  • Be supportive, inclusive and polite to everyone in the class
  • Raise your hand to speak. Otherwise sit quietly and focus on class. 
  • No phones permitted in class—leave them in your locker. (Last period of the day, leave them in your bag and turned off!)

Be Responsible:

  • Arrive on time, pick up your folder and sit in your seat
  • Stay focused in class
  • Be prepared: bring needed materials every day
  • Complete homework on time


  • Participate and follow instructions in all class activities
  • Be willing to try new things and to step out of your ‘comfort zone’. 
  • Mark your music with a pencil and take notes when necessary.