Danielle Burch – PCCS Art, Graphic Design, Painting, and Yearbook


My name is Danielle Burch, and I teach Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Painting, and Yearbook here at PCCS.  This is my 7th year teaching, and I am excited to get the new school year underway!

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art Licensure from Brevard College, and an MFA in Studio Art from Rochester Institute of Technology.  In addition to teaching at PCCS, I adjunct at Brevard college (virtually), do custom commission pieces, and teach private lessons!  In short, I LOVE sharing Art with students of all ages and skills, and cannot wait to see where the 2021-22 school year takes us.

Get/stay in touch!

If you need to reach me for any reason, email is best, since I float between several rooms during the school day.  You can do that at [email protected] and I check email quite frequently! 😊

Class information: 

All syllabi and class information can be found in TWO places:

First: individual Google Classroom pages for each class (if you are a parent who wants guardian access, please reach out to me or to the front office!)

Secondly: on this website, within the allotted pages! 


Graphic Design



Art Club

There will be TWO Art Clubs at PCCS this year.  Mr. Veilleux will lead a more traditional, portfolio based club, while I will facilitate an Art Club that is more directly involved with the theatre department, helping to make sets, props, scenic designs, etc. 😊 We are THRILLED to be able to offer both to our students!