Ciara Leisey MS Health Teacher

Welcome To Health Class!

I am excited that you’re here!

A little about me

I have a 14 plus year background working with children, and their families in the Social Work/Human services field. I have been with Piedmont since 2018 where I assisted admin with student support. And now I teach Health! I have a BS in Behavioral Science with additional coursework in Criminal Justice, Education, & Health and Physical Education. I  am very honored to teach Health to our amazing students! 

Below you will find information regarding our class syllabus, and general class expectations. And as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Email: [email protected]

Health Course Syllabus

For the 9 weeks, we will be covering a variety of health topics each week and also Journaling through our wellness journey. I follow the North Carolina Standards. You may visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for more information. (see links below)



 Topics (based off of the NC Health Education Standards) include:

  • Mental and Emotional Health 
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Personal and Consumer Health 
  • Nutrition and Physical activity 
  • Anti-Drug, Alcohol, and other substances

8th Grade ONLY

8th grade students will participate in Health and Life Skills lessons and courses. 8th grade will also perform Hands-Only CPR with our practice mannequins, as well as take a test to potentially receive their Intro to CPR and First Aid Course certificate. 

Class Assignments

We will be learning about the listed NC health standards topics by participating in a variety of fun activities, daily  journaling, group/partnered projects and activities, class discussions, and  assessments. Class assignments will consist of google classroom posted assignments, open discussion, and or worksheets. 


Students will be graded on a point system. Students will earn points for each journal entry, activity, and assignment they complete. For this course students will receive a Pass/Fail grade. Students have the potential to earn 50 points a week. Journal entries are 25 points and class assignments/ participation is 25 points. 

Students may lose points for off task work ethic, incomplete assignments, and  behavior occurrences.  

Class Expectations

We will be covering a variety of health topics that are serious and important. It is important to be respectful of others, the instructor, and most certainly yourself. Below you will find the Health class classroom expectations and procedure.

    1. Arrive to class on time (see tardy procedures in your student handbook)
  • Use the restroom during your 5 minute transition time between classes if possible. 
  1. Upon arriving at health please start your Journal entries once the Journal prompt for the day is shared.  
  2. Cell phones must remain off and in the locker while at school. Refer to the cell phone policy in the student handbook.
  3. Remain ONLY on the computer sites that have been given as part of the instructions. 
  4. Stay on task with assignments.
  5. No candy, food, or drink (only water) is allowed in my classroom at any time.
  6. Follow all classroom and school rules and procedures.
  7. Follow the PCCS dress code policy.

Health Class behavior expectations 

1st occurrence – Seating will be changed if needed 

2nd occurrence– One on one conference with student, and communication sent home to parent(s) and or guardian(s)

3rd occurrence– Parent’s will be contacted and asd will be assigned.

Note: The order of consequences for unacceptable behavior is subject to change based on the incident/behavior.


Student success is key and my primary goal. I will diligently work with students to ensure they receive the best academic experience. While having some fun learning about health. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! 

[email protected]

-Wellness is a connection of paths: Knowledge and Action-