Angela Sim


Welcome to 5th grade! My name is Angie Sim. I have been in education since 2014. Most of those years I taught 5th grade. I love teaching 5th grade math and science. I have been married for 17 years. I have two sons and two grandsons. I have a master’s in Instructional Technology and I enjoy creating engaging activities for students to use in my classroom.


***Please email me if you have questions. My email address is [email protected]

You can also call the school at 704-349-4640

Science Grading Policy

  • Tests count 35% 

Tests will be announced at least 2 days in advance. The best way to prepare for tests is by studying the material in your science interactive notebook and by listening in class. Interactive notebook will be used as the study guide for the tests.

  • Labs count 30%

Projects or labs are assigned to reinforce science content being learned. This includes in class and at-home labs or projects. 

  • Quizzes count 20%

Quizzes will be announced at least 1 day in advance. Quizzes cover less material and are shorter in length than tests. Study guides are not provided for quizzes; however, students can study material from their interactive notebooks and handouts from class.

  • Classwork/Homework count 15% 

Classwork is assigned to reinforce science content being learned. What isn’t completed during class will need to be completed at home. Homework will be assigned most nights. This may include studying for quizzes or tests.

North Carolina Essential Standards 5th Grade Science

I follow the North Carolina Essential Standards. Please visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for more information.

Units of Study

  • Science Processes
  • Forces and Motion
  • Matter: Property and Changes
  • Energy: Conservation and Transfer
  • Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes
  • Structure and Function of Living Organisms
  • Ecosystems
  • Evolution and Genetics

Classroom Expectations 

    • Enter quietly and get to work immediately.
    • Try your best on all assignments, including homework.
    • Maintain your science notebook, which contains only science work.
    • Bring paper, pencil, science/math notebook, colored pencils, scissors, and glue stick to class each day.
    • Laptops should be charged at home.
    • Cell phones must remain off and in the locker while at school. Refer to the cell phone policy in the student handbook.
    •  Use the restroom during assigned times. Please do not ask to go during class time, unless there is an emergency. 
    • Remain on the computer sites that have been given as part of the instructions.
    • No candy, food, or drink (only water) is allowed in my classroom at any time except for your lunch period.
    • Follow all classroom and school rules and procedures.
    • Follow the PCCS dress code policy.