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Ms. Amanda Moberg

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English II Honors

English II is a required course for high school graduation. Students in English II will analyze World Literature as it reflects social perspective and historical significance by continuing to use language for expressive, expository, argumentative and literary purposes. The emphasis of English II is critical analysis of texts through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using media. In addition, students will:

  • Relate the experiences of others to their own
  • Research the diversity of the world literature
  • Examine relationships between past and present
  • Build increasing sophistication in defining issues and using argument effectively
  • Create products, papers, and presentations that maintain standard conventions of written and oral language

This course stresses critical communication, which involves interpreting, proposing, evaluating, and judging subjects and literary works. Students will study world literature including how it reflects the culture and history of our world as well as themes, ideas, and movements.

  • Major Written Assessments
  • Non-Fiction Narrative essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Writing about Literature essay (1 per quarter)
  • Persuasive essay
  • Grading weights per quarter are as follows:

Classwork 30%
Homework 15%
Projects 25%
Major Written Assessments 30%

All student work must be original and created for this class (no recycling papers from old classes, please). When you borrow ideas from outside places, sources must be cited. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. You will receive a “0” for the assignment and may also receive an office referral.

Anticipated Major Texts (Will most likely include but may not be limited to)
The Book Thief
The Merchant of Venice
Pride and Prejudice

Classroom expectations

  • Follow all instructor instructions
  • Respect instructor, classmates, and materials
  • No food of any kind
  • Beverages must NOT be placed on your desk (due to frequent computer use)

Classroom Consequences

  • Warning
  • Parent phone call
  • After school detention
  • Office referral
  • Make up work
    It is the students responsibility to acquire makeup work. Students will be given an opportunity to make up work for work missed for those periods when an absence occurred. Upon the student’s return to school, arrangements for make-up work shall be made up within three (3) school days.

Late Work
Students are advised to make note of and adhere to due dates. Late work will be accepted, but students will only be eligible for a maximum of 75% credit for the late assignment. Please note that a 75% would represent perfect work, and deductions will occur from that starting point. For example, a “90” paper turned in a day late would become a “65” paper.

Revising essays
I encourage students to revise essays after they are returned. Once an essay is graded the student may revise as often as is needed to achieve mastery over the assigned essay. Please note that revision privileges are only afforded to students who turn in the essay on the assigned due date. Late papers will be graded “as-is”.


  • Binder or notebook
  • Loose leaf paper (college ruled is best if available)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Please bring your school issued computer to school, charged, everyday

Google Classroom
Google Classroom is the centralized place to find all major assignments (papers and projects). They are posted well in advance with rubric PDFs available as well. Please check google classroom frequently to keep updated on upcoming due dates.