Amanda Meranto


Welcome to 8th Grade Science!  I will be your facilitator on this amazing journey of scientific inquiry and discovery. 


 I began teaching in 2001 and was a band and orchestra teacher for 14 years before going back to school to become a 5th grade teacher in 2015. I’ve taught all grades throughout my career from K music to 12th grade Business/Accounting and have found my happy place teaching middle school science since 2020. I am beyond thrilled to be at PCCS now teaching 8th grade science! 

This year we will cover 8 main units:


UNIT 1: Properties of Matter UNIT 5: Structures & Functions of Living Organisms
UNIT 2: Energy – Conservation and TransferUNIT 6: Ecology
UNIT 3: Earth Systems, Structures and ProcessesUNIT 7: Evolution and Genetics
UNIT 4: Earth HistoryUNIT 8: Molecular Biology

Class Meeting Schedule:

Our class will meet every other day for 80 minutes each time. This means we will have 22(ish) classes each quarter. So, if you miss a class (for any reason), it’s like you’re missing TWO class periods. If you know of an upcoming absence, please meet with me ASAP so I can provide you with content you will miss. Unfortunately, labs cannot be made up if you miss a lab day, but you can still obtain any handouts/content to add to your notebook. Communication is always key to a successful science experience. 


Class Rules:

  1. BEFORE CLASS: Enter safely, sit in your seat and start on the Bell Ringer.
  2. DURING: Actively participate in class and labs. BE SAFE! Follow all instructions & procedures. No food or gum in class. Keep a positive and respectful attitude.
  3. AFTER: Go forth and think scientifically! Share what you learned today with someone!
  • Follow the 5 B’s of Success:
    • Be on time 
    • Be prepared
    • Be on task
    • Be respectful 
    • Be responsible

Consequences for Negative Student Behaviors:  

First Offense: Verbal Warning  

Second Offense: Conference with student  

Third Offense: Parent contact.  

Fourth Offense: Office contact

  • All school-wide rules apply within the classroom. When in doubt, don’t! Some offenses will result in 

immediate referral to the office in order to maintain a safe classroom environment. 



  • 5, 3-prong folders (with or without pockets) – can be paper or plastic
    • We will be creating 5 Interactive notebooks to cover the 8 units in our course of study this year. 
  • Loose leaf paper 
    • approximately 25 pages per notebook – some notebooks will be less; some may be more
  • Writing utensil of your choice (pencils/pens)
  • Sealable Water Bottle – Hydration is important! Please only have water (H2O) in a sealed water bottle, especially during labs.

Missed Class

When you are absent from class (for any reason) it is your  responsibility to find out what you missed.  Daily agendas and support documents can be found on your Science Google Classroom page. You have one day for each day absent to complete missing work. Please keep me informed of extenuating circumstances so we can work out a plan to keep you from falling behind. 


Late work and/or incomplete assignments

All homework/assignments should be completed on the assigned due date. Late work and incomplete assignments will be graded and given a deserving grade. Please make sure to keep me informed as early as possible if you have extenuating circumstances. Assignments cannot be turned in for credit once a grading quarter has ended.



Overall grades will be weighted into five categories:

  • Tests/Lab Reports/Projects  – 50% 
  • Quizzes – 25% 
  • Classwork/Homework – 25%

Tests: Will be given typically every 3-4 weeks throughout the year.  

Quizzes: Will be given periodically throughout a unit to assess your progress and knowledge.  

Homework: Assignments will be given at the teacher’s discretion throughout each unit to assess your knowledge and progress.  

Classwork: Classwork (Individual,Group, Whole-Class) will occur on a daily basis and students will be required to complete each task.  

Projects: Projects will vary based on the topic of discussion. Students will work throughout the year to complete a Science Fair project.

Extra Credit: Periodically extra credit assignments will be provided for additional learning and/or experiences. You may choose to complete the extra credit assignment as per the directions provided. Details will be given regarding due date, etc. when the assignment is provided. 


The different levels for grades will be:  

100% – 90% = (A)  

89% – 80% = (B)  

79% – 70% = (C)  

69% – 60% = (D)  

59% and below = (F)


I am always very accessible and welcome communication. If you are struggling, have a problem, concern, thought, or suggestion PLEASE let me know. I can’t help if I don’t know about something! I like to approach life scientifically and like to think I am a reasonable individual. My primary job is to keep my students safe. Students, your job is to help me keep us safe. Rule #1 is ALWAYS to be safe. And then comes the science! We will have loads of fun with activities, labs, lively discussions, and funny moments. Let’s make your 8th grade year the absolute best it can be!