Adrianne Dellovade

Your Students Are Exploring Art!

This year your student will be part of an exciting visual arts education program.

Students will:

  • Explore the great art, artists, & cultures of the world.
  • Develop skills to understand and appreciate artwork.
  • Participate in hands on art activities.
  • Develop critical thinking skills by studying others’ works of art as well as their own pieces.

The arts are playing a vital role in education and learning. Unlike many other subject areas, the arts introduce students to ways of thinking that are based upon imagination and judgment. The arts encourage students to problem solve as well as think and learn in a variety of ways, in addition to using language and logic skills.

Students who struggle in other subjects can often excel in art and build connections between topics and concepts in art that carry over into their other classes. I will be bridging all of our lessons this year with cross curriculum connections and themes, in order to improve student success in all subjects and content areas.

In the art room:
One of the most exciting aspects of art education for students is creating their own artwork. A few of the activities my students have to look forward to this year are clay work, paper mache, 3D sculptures and painting with a variety of tools and mediums. Our projects will be complex and challenging, but ultimately will captivate their attention and engage them in an exciting way to explore and create while thinking critically and making their own artistic decisions and choices. This year your student will begin to see the world through an artist’s eyes and develop critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime.